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When IMAGO GREEN started doing home energy audits as a contractor for utility companies, I never thought of the power and impact one light bulb change could make if awareness multiplied. If I could just get one IMAGLO LED in every home, then I thought who cares about IMAGLO but me. So we help people create their own brand of LED lighting through our established international business relations with China. We can help you get any light you can imagine designed, manufactured, and shipped wherever needed.

My dream of the IMAGLO Solar LED has been born and as we launch, I hope this gives others the same opportunity to see their dreams light up bright like IMAGLO's.

Corey P. Coleman, Sr. LEED AP
Corey P. Coleman, Sr. LEED AP IMAGO GREEN, LLC

We have worked with IMAGO GREEN since 2014. We started with Compact Florescent Bulbs then advanced to LED light product development. Our manufactures have the capacity to develop any LED product imaginable. Some of our LED innovations are already in multiple markets worldwide. Our ability to help you get product at reason price within reasonable timeframe is consistent and effective.

We look forward to producing quality products and delivering professional export service that helps your business grow internationally. We will plan annual factory tours for clients that wait to see our facilities, equipment, and capacities.

Derek Zhang
Derek Zhang In LED Capitol of World - Ningbo, China